DigiBoom Body Support Sling

DigiBoom Body Support Sling


SKU: 42-300-0008

DigiBoom body support sling

DigiBoom Body Support Sling

The DigiBoom Body Support Sling is a specialy designed shoulder strap that attaches to the DigiBoom and allows your body to assume most of the carry weight. This frees up your arms and hands for longer use without tiring, or as a way to take a quick break without putting down the rig.

The support sling attaches via a clamp-style connector, which can be on the DigiBoom for balancing. The sling itself can be shortened or lengthened to fit your indivdiual style and needs for maximum comfort.

Product Features

Key Product Features Include:
  • Comfortable padded strap
  • Strong nylon adjustable strap for maximum comfort
  • Single fulcrum-style point of contact for maximum range and fluidity
  • Tool-free clamp style connector, adjustable for balancing

Material Dimensions Mounting Point
Padded nylong strap Approximately 30" length, adjustable Clamp-style DigiBoom connector

What's Included with this Kit:
Qty Product Description SKU:
1 DigiBoom body support sling including connector clamp 42-300-0008