Cold Shoe 15mm Rail Adapter

Cold Shoe 15mm Rail Adapter


SKU: 2-168-0001

Use this gadget to attach your shoe mounted accessories to your 15mm rod setup.

Put on Another Shoe

If you have a video or cinema camera rig with 15mm rails and want to attach shoe-mounted accessories, the cold shoe to 15mm rail mount is exactly what you need.

Use with Rhino Mount

Add to Rhino Mount to add a 15mm rail to your mirrorless or DSLR camera, the cold shoe-15mm rail mount is a great way to add back that shoe mount. Slide the rail mount onto your rhino mountʼs rail, you are ready for action.

Use with Cinema EOS Accessories

This adapter is an easy way to attach shoe-mounted accessories anywhere on a 15mm rail.

Itʼs compact and ultra lightweight. Simply slip it on to any 15mm rail and attach any shoe mount accessory. You can even use multiple shoe mounts for attaching more than one accessory.
The Cold shoe to 15mm rail mount is perfect for accessories including microphone shock mounts, camera-top monitors, and on-camera LED light panels.

The shoe mount also has a 1/4" female tap for accessories that have additional screw-in safety, such as the detachable display on the Canon EOS Cinema C300/II and C500 cameras.

Key Features

  • Attach any shoe-mounted accessory anywhere on an industry-standard 15mm rails
  • Reposition-able lift-and-lock thumbscrew keeps it secure in tight rigging situations
  • Shoe mount also includes 1/4-20” mount for securing larger accessories such as Canon EOS Cinema C300/C300 MK II removable display.

Tech Specs

  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Black anodize finish
  • 15mm industry standard
  • Industry standard shoe size

What's Included

  • 1x 15mm cold shoe clamp