“Captain Stubling” DSLR Rig

“Captain Stubling” DSLR Rig


SKU: 8-003-0090

Like Captains of other things, this rig goes where others wouldn't dare, and leads by example.

Handheld DSLR Rig

The "Captain Stubling" is designed for handheld operation with two hands on the rig and features the DSLR Baseplate and dual rubberized microHandGrips. Achieve steady support for your camera in a cinema style rig to shoot video in any style and situation.

Key Features

  • Put the camera everywhere, stay light, and do it all yourself
  • The "Captain Stubling" represents an excellent level of portability and light weight for still and cinema-style shooting rigs

Tech Specs

  • DSLR Baseplate is a lightweight platform for connecting the DSLR to 15mm rods, rubberized pads to eliminate camera rotation, and minimizing weight without sacrificing features.

What's Included

  • 1x DSLR Baseplate
  • 1x Handlebar rod clamp
  • 2x Rubberized Hand Grips
  • 1x 4 inch grip rod
  • 1x 4 inch handlebar rod
  • 2x 9 inch carbon fiber rods

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Captain Stubling DSLR Bundle Accessories


Want more rod space but want to keep your rig as compact as possible? You now have the ability to add a new set of rods to your camera by mounting the microShoeClamp to your cameras robust hot shoe mount. You can add anything from a monitor or a light in accompany with a microMount, to even a follow focus or top handle off of your camera's new set of hot shoe mounted rods.

DSLR Tripod Platform options:

For easy tripod to handheld transitions, add a DSLR Tripod Platform or a mini DSLR Tripod Platform to your order. With the DSLR Tripod Platform, you have the ability to slide your rig onto a tripod in its entirety so you can almost completely eliminate the time it takes you to go from tripod shooting to handheld.The mini tripod platform is smaller, lighter weight, and stays on your rig, performing the same function.

Lens Gears:

Our microFollowFocus Gears are no longer included in any DSLR rig bundle. However, these microFollowFocus Gears are still available on our site for purchase separately.