Ready to Go

Redrock Torque Motors are industry-standard motors, meaning they can readily be controlled by most third-party systems, including the MoVI Pro and MoVI Controller, and Bushpilot. While the Torque Motors are designed to work seamlessly with the microRemote Basestation right out of the box, they will perform at the same high level with the Freefly system.

Cable Up

Redrock Torque motors plug directly into the MoVI Pro with a specialized cable, a Molex Microfit to 7 pin straight connector. These can be purchased by contacting Freefly, or Redrock Micro at:

Already Own a Torque Motor?

Add focus, iris, and/or zoom to your MoVI Pro with Torque Motor(s) you already have. Below is a link to general setup that will help you have a successful shoot using Redrock Motors and Freefly MoVI PRO.

Click here for general info and setup instructions for using Torque Motors with MoVI Pro.

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