Mission Control

Master the Art of Focus Pulling

Pull consistent and accurate focus without ever looking away from your monitor. MissionControl works with Redrock’s Eclipse lens control to display lens, focus, and rangefinder information as an intuitive overlay on your live video. See everything you need in real time to nail your focus. Best of all, MissionControl is free.

Perfect Knowledge: Live Overlay for Foucs, Distance, and Lens Data

See all your critical focus information on your monitor in real time without having to look down at your hand unit. Beautiful and intuitive lens summary, iris setting, distance scale, focus distance readout, rangefinder distance readout. Even tally light and special functions are displayed.

Nail Focus with Graphical Focus Assist Tools

Know when you're in focus and when you're off. Graphic indicator marks show where you are focused compared to your subject’s distance from the rangefinder. The Critical Focus Meter shows any over/under focus when focus is close.

Wherever you Need it: Direct Connect or Wireless

Use MissionControl wherever you want. Plug-and-play when using a camera-top monitor for solo operators or when pulling focus near the camera. Use the optional wireless adapter for true real-time focus data when pulling focus from a remote display up to 1000m away.

Works with any SmallHD monitor

MissionControl is an app running on SmallHD and is included in a firmware update for all monitors including 500 series, 700 series, and monitors 13" and larger. When the app is enabled, all information from your Redrock Eclipse lens control system is available for on-screen display.

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