Mini Size. Mini Price. Many Features.

Mini Rigs from Redrock Micro for your Sony A7, mirrorless, or compact DSLR. Upgrade your camera for great video, whether you’re shooting handheld, shouldermount, studio style, or a little of everything. The Mini Rigs take the best of cinema-style rigs and compacts its size and price to fit the new generation of smaller, lighter cameras and shooting styles.

Mini Handheld Rig

Smaller cameras need smaller rigs to keep it spontaneous and fast. Whip the camera’s viewfinder up to your eye for instant shooting while three points of contact to keep your shots steady and your action flowing. This rig has near infinite configuration possibilities - get the camera where it needs to be on the fly.

Mini Shoulder Rig

We’ve taken our hugely popular shouldermount system and reduced the length and width so it better fits mirrorless cameras such as the Sony A7 series. The result is a lightweight compact rig that delivers great stability. The rig features great ergonomic technology including the self-leveling shoulderpad with FieldTech™.

Mini Studio Rig

Classic shooting, great results. This rig is a great way to adapt your camera to tripod or dolly shooting, while also acting as the backbone of a traditional cinema rig. The Mini Studio Rig works with all other Redrock accessories like the microFollowFocus Black Studio, so you can build it up as much as you need.

Shoulder Rig for Mirrorless Cameras

Mini Handheld Rig for Mirrorless Cameras


Mini Studio Rig for Mirrorless Cameras

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