Get the Best Performance from your Gimbal and Wireless Remote with flexCables: Our Best Cables Ever

33% lighter, 20% thinner, 200% greater bend. Super lightweight and flexible design means cable wrangling is a breeze. Keep your connections close and tight, so your gimbal is easily balanced and works less to keep it that way.

flexCables for powerPack

When using with powerPack, flexCables all you to power all your accessories from a single source.


12V regulated power for smallHD-style monitors.


12V regulated power for TVLogic monitors.


12V regulated clean power for high power accessories.


Connect to external batteries and direct into the Ronin’s LiPo battery.


Connect to Freefly-style LiPo gimbal batteries.

JST Power flexCable for microRemote


Fingerwheel Controller flexCable – 50″


DJI Ronin – microRemote Cable Kit


flexCable Kit – DJI Ronin


flexCable – MoVI Complete Kit


P-Tap Power flexCable for powerPack – 50″


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