ultraCage Black Professional Series for Canon C500

ultraCage Black Professional Series for Canon C500


SKU: 3-132-0001

Transform your C500 into a production camera with the body specific ultraCage for the Canon EOS C500 digital cinema camera.

Professional quality and features

When Canon made the decision to enter the digital cinema camera market, they turned to Redrock Micro to deliver the support gear they knew would make the grade for features, quality, and affordability.ultraCage Black™ was the only support gear used in the feature films shot for the Canon EOS launch, from such filmmakers as Richard Crudo, ASC, Felix Enriquez Alcala, Sam Nicholson, ASC, Vincent Laforet, DGA, and Ron Howard, DGA

Key Features

  • Robust support and stability.
  • Body specific design.
  • Simple and compact but full featured .
  • Correct baseplate height for adding 15mm studio or 19mm rails.
  • Powered cage (optional).

Tech Specs

  • Professional grade -The ultraCage has precision machined aluminum construction.
  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 accessory mount and bottom taps
  • Weight: 2lb
  • User Guide

What's Included

  • 1x ultraCage for C500

For handheld, the ultraCage™ can be outfitted with Redrock handgrips, handlebar, and shoulderpad, or you can check out one of our pre-configured handheld rigs ilke the ultraEvent™ for C500, ultraEyeSpy™ for C500, or ultra Field Cinema for C500.

Can I add a top handle?

If you would like to place a top handle on your ultraCage, select the Top Handle Option from the configuration. The top handle can be configured both facing forward and backward, allowing for ultimate comfort and balance when holding the rig.

How secure is my camera inside of the ultraCage?

Your Canon C500 is securely latched inside of the ultraCage by four different anchor points. This guarantees your camera will not shift inside of the cage when using even the heaviest of cinema lenses. The points of contact are:

  • Top Bracket Threaded into Integrated ¼”-20 of the Camera
  • 1/4”-20 Thread on the Bottom of the Camera
  • 3/8”-16 Thread on the Bottom of the Camera
  • ”Base-hugging” lip of the baseplate to assure the camera sits straight

How do I attach the Canon LCD Monitor and Audio unit?

There are multiple different ways to attach the Canon LCD Monitor and Audio Unit. At the heart of any of the configurations is the Cold Shoe Mounting Spud.

How do I attach my cage to a tripod?
The ultraCages for Canon C Series Cameras have multiple ¼”-20 and 3/8”-16 on the bottom of the unit, ready to accept any standard tripod or bridge-plate system

What rail standard is the ultraCage | Black for C500 built to?
The ultraCage | Black for C500 is designed around the 15mm L/W rail standard. It also has the ability to adapt to 15mm Studio or 19mm with any standard bridge plate system such as the Arri BP-8. In those scenarios, the ultraCage’s baseplate acts as a riser to put the camera at the proper height and offset.

Can I access all the buttons and features of the camera while it’s in the cage?
Yes, the ultraCage | Black for C500 does not block any of the ports, buttons, or features of the C500. This includes the Canon Side Grip, which can remain attach to the camera at all times, as well as maintain it’s full range of adjustability.

Do I need top rails?
Top rails are valuable components of any rig. You can attach accessories like a digital motor or monitor and have them travel with you no matter what support you build off of the bottom rails.

Can I use my existing Redrock Micro gear with this configuration?
Yes, the ultraCage | Black for C500 can be used with all of the other Redrock Micro support products like our shoulder mount and matte box. Also, being part of the ultraCage series means it’s compatible with other ultraCage components like the rear chassis.

What is it made out of?
The ultraCage | Black for C500 is made out of precision machined aircraft grade aluminum. This includes everything from the rod clamps to the lift and lock thumbscrews.