SLS BLUE – Lens Motor MoVI Pro

SLS BLUE – Lens Motor MoVI Pro

SKU: 3-190-0004

SLS BLUE ultra-compact lens control motor with Movi Pro cable

Please note: this version of SLS BLUE lens motor has an integrated cable connector designed for the Freefly MoVI Pro lens controller. For the SLS Blue universal 7-pin digital motor cable please see our part number 3-190-0003.

SLS Blue: the ultracompact professional lens control motor for lightweight rigs and low power footprint, now with native direct connect for Freefly MoVI Pro!

To create this next-generation lens control motor, we analyzed countless hours of real-world focus performance and listened to feedback from hundreds of Redrock remote focus customers. In addition to responsive and reliable performance, we heard smaller cameras and rigs require everything else to to get smaller and lighter... a lot smaller and lighter.

SLS Blue is so good you'll want to use it on every shot. Fortunately it's small and light enough to keep it on your camera full time and powerful enough to drive virtually any lens. If you are looking for professional lens control performance for any rig, for your gimbal, as an upgrade to your existing microRemote or other compatible system, or if you want the latest miniaturized technology, SLS Blue are the motors for you.

Featherweight without Compromise

With SLS Blue, we reduced weight everywhere we could without compromising performance. At only 120 grams, you get incredible responsiveness with minimal added bulk. Nothing comes close to the SLS Blue weight-performance ratio. SLS Blue is exceptional for gimbals and drones, where every saved ounce translates to longer run times and less operator fatigue.

The weight reduction analysis of SLS Blue was so exact we had to switch from ounces to grams to measure impact of additional design improvements. SLS Blue is the lightest professional lens control motor available - an engineering feat in itself - and without concessions on size and performance. We were even able to add a lens light feature so you can see your lens marks in dim light or total darkness.

Any Smaller and We'd have to go Quantum

To get SLS Blue this small, we had to completely rethink motor housings. We jettisoned everything that wasn’'t absolutely necessary. It'’s as close-to-the-metal as you can get.

SLS Blue is so small you can think of it more as a full time accessory for your camera. Keep it attached 24/7. Whatever rig or shot you are working with, SLS Blue can be used with the desired Redrock controller for solo operation or wireless remote control. When paired with the Redrock Rhino Mount, SLS Blue delivers all this with no added footprint. A motor this small is also ideal for rigs where space is a premium: particularly underwater housings, drones, and gimbals. It’s even a great match for ultra-compact and mirrorless cameras.

Solid Performer with Minimal Power Needs

SLS Blue isn’t just a small package, it delivers great performance for most lenses, including still lenses (with proper gearing) and cinema lenses. The efficient motor requires relatively little power to do its job, which means your MoVI Pro will have longer runtimes.

Designed for the Freefly MoVI Pro

This version of SLS Blue includes a MoVI-Pro native connector that plugs right in to the MoVI Pro's lens controller. Use 1, 2 or 3 motors for focus, iris, and/or zoom control. When plugged in to the MoVI Pro, you can use any compatible lens controller including the MoVI Pro Pilot, Bush Pilot, and Redrock Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module.

Product Features

Key Product Features Include:
  • 300% increase in torque
  • 200% increase in resolution
  • Ultra compact size
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Adjustable 15mm locking rod clamp
  • Integrated lens light for reading lens markings
  • Standard Drive Gear
Power Material Dimensions Weight
12 - 18VDC Aircraft Grade Aluminum L: 80mm x W: 30mm x D: 18mm 120 Grams
Connector 1 MoVI Pro 6 pin Molex
Rod Clamp Lens Gear Clamp Style
15mm 0.8 Removable
What's Included with this Kit:
Qty Product Description SKU:
1 SLS Lens Motor 2-190-0001

1. What is the SLS Blue Lens Control Motor?

SLS Blue is the smallest and lightest motor available while still retaining incredible power and precision. It’s ideal for professional applications, especially for gimbals, drones, underwater housings, and any situations where small size and lightweight are desired, but performance cannot be compromised

2. Why is SLS Blue ideal for gimbals?

SLS Blue is ounce for ounce the strongest motor you can get. The tiny size and limited weight are a huge benefit for gimbals, and a version is designed to natively plug in to the Freefly MoVI Pro lens controller.

3. What kinds of lenses can I use with SLS Blue

SLS Blue motors are compatible with most still photographic lenses (with an industry standard 0.8 film pitch gear) and most cinema lenses. If you have a large cine zoom or an unusually stiff lens ring, consider upgrading to the SLS motor.

4. How is SLS Blue mounted?

SLS Blue is attached to industry-standard 15mm rods. SLS has an ingenious motor positioning and quick-release system to quickly attach, position, and tighten the motor.

5. Can I adjust the position of SLS Blue motor on the lens? What if it’s too far away?

Yes. The rod clamp can be moved up and down the motor to position it correctly on the lens. The built-in adjustments covers most situations, but if additional reach is needed you can use the Redrock Dogbone adapter

6. How do SLS Blue motors compare to SLS motor? Which one should I choose?

SLS and SLS Blue motors are identical in size and form factor. SLS Blue is a great choice for all still photographic lenses and most cine lenses, and is less expensive than the SLS. If you want additional power, use stiff lenses, or use cine zoom lenses, the SLS can be a better choice.

7. Can I use SLS Blue motors for focus, iris, or zoom?

Yes they can be used on any lens ring. Even with cine zoom lenses, SLS Blue is a great economical performer for Iris and Zoom, with an SLS motor on the focus ring.

8. How is SLS Blue powered?

SLS Blue motors take power from the MoVI Pro lens controller.

9. How do you configure the SLS Blue motor?

Configuration of motor settings including torque level is handled by the MoVI Pro controller

10. Can I turn off the lens light or dim it?

There is no direct control of the lens light. If you need to dim it, you can tape it over without any impacting performance

13. Can I use it with Freefly MoVI Pro’s lens controller?

Yes. this version of the SLS Blue motor is designed for the Freefly MoVI Pro built-in lens controller with its molex-style connector

14. Can I upgrade my microRemote with an SLS Blue motor?

Yes, but make sure you use the version with the 7-pin digital motor connection part number 3-190-0003. You may also require a firmware update in your basestation for full compatibility

15. Can I use my existing microRemote fingerwheel or SLS Blue hand unit with SLS Blue?

No. This version of the SLS Blue Motor works with any MoVI Pro API compatible controller, including the Redrock Navigator, Freefly Bush Pilot, Freefly Pilot, etc.