Orbit – Monitor Positioning System

Orbit – Monitor Positioning System


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Orbit Monitor Positioning System – Deluxe Bundle w/ FollowMe Sensor and Satellite Controller

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Frame With Precision, Operate With Confidence

This is a gimbal operator's dream: The world’s first Monitor Positioning System (MPS) ensures your monitor is always facing you while operating at any angle. Whether you are shooting at ground level or high overhead, Orbit ensures you can frame the shot accurately and confidently. Now bundled with the NEW Satellite Thumb Controller, you can adjust your monitor tilt in manual mode, or activate the unique “Follow Me” accessory to automatically and continuously reposition your monitor in real-time.

Expand your Range by 50% or More

Gimbals have revolutionized camera movement, but the practical limitation of seeing the monitor to frame your shot means ground level and overhead shots are often a guess. Shots that go from low-to-high or high-to-low are extremely difficult to frame accurately. Orbit MPS solves this problem by ensuring your monitor is always tilted towards you. You can manually adjust monitor position for simple shots, but the real magic is the "Follow Me" Sensor which automatically and continuously repositions the monitor to face you at all times. With Orbit your shot angle range is greatly expanded. And Orbit is not tied to a single operator - you can still achieve great handoff shots to other operators and Orbit will keep tracking.

Freedom at Your Fingertip

The Satellite Thumb Controller is the ideal companion for Orbit. Satellite brings all the controls you want for manually adjusting monitor tilt and activating FollowMe right at your fingertips. You never need to set the gimbal down, or require assistance for adjustments. Satellite also features a camera run/stop button, which is available when you add the compatible run/stop cable for your camera (cable purchased separately). The Orbit and Satellite combination brings flexibility and greater range of motion to all your gimbal shots. Get yours today!

Key Features

  • Lightweight motorized monitor positioning system (MPS) tilts monitor to face you at any height
  • Manual monitor tilt or activate "Follow Me" sensor for automated monitor positioning
  • Works even when handing off to second operator
  • No balancing required - calibrate heights and it's ready to go
  • Quick-release monitor attachment
  • Clamp fits 25mm - 35mm gimbal frames / handlebars
  • Satellite thumb controller includes optional camera run/stop (with optional compatible cable)
  • Built-in WiFi for wireless setup via mobile app
  • Built-in LP-E6 battery power or via external 12-18v battery (with optional cable)
  • Fast visual status confirmation via integrated LED lights
  • EclipseNet ready

Tech Specs

  • Power: integrated Canon LP-E6 battery or external power 12-18v (with optional add-on cable)
  • Dimensions: 1.65"W x 4.2"5H x 2.1"D
  • Weight: 275g
  • Monitor requires 1/4"-20 female tap on side of monitor
  • Max 7" diagonal display size
  • Max 5" height

What's Included

  • 1x Orbit Monitor Positioning System
  • 1x "Follow Me" Tracking Sensor and cable
  • 1x Satellite thumb controller and cable

What is Orbit?

Orbit is the world’s first monitor positioning system to ensure the video display on your gimbal is always facing you for optimal framing and operating. It can operate in either manual or automatic mode

How does Orbit work?

Orbit adjusts the tilt of your monitor to face you, whether you are shooting overhead or at your feet. You can set and use this manually, or use its FollowMe feature to automatically tilt the monitor in real time

What gimbals can be used with Orbit?

Any gimbal that has an available mounting point for your monitor

What monitors are popular with Orbit?

Orbit is most popular with 5” monitors such as SmallHD 500 series.

How are monitors attached to Orbit?

Orbit comes with a quick release system plate to easily attach and remove your monitor. The monitor must have a side-mounted ¼” 20 female mounting hole to use with Orbit

How does it know where to tilt the monitor?

Orbit uses a sensor to accurately measure the height of your rig and adjust the monitor accordingly. A short setup phase orients Orbit to your preferred starting point.

How does it take into account how tall I am?

Can I use it to manually set the monitor tilt rather than have it automatically follow me? Yes. You can use it in full manual or automatic modes.

How is Orbit powered?

Orbit is powered via an onboard LP-E6 DSLR battery, or can be powered from an external p-tap or other compatible 12-18v battery source. Like all Eclipse products it can use available battery from any other Eclipse product