microRemote Firmware Update Solo

microRemote Firmware Update Solo


SKU: microRemote-40-solo

We recommend that all microRemote users update their systems to this version.

Version 4.0

Announcing the new microRemote 4.0 firmware update, a free upgrade for microRemote owners that delivers increased performance, features, and reliability for your Redrock microRemote. Take advantage of the upgradeable firmware and update your remote today!

Solo Version for Basestation Only

If your Hand Held Controller's serial number is below F3103144, you can update only your basestation with 4.0.0 SOLO. You will get most of the advantages of 4.0 but some features will not be available. If you wish to have your system updated to 4.0, contact customer support at support@redrockmicro.com for details on our free microRemote update and maintenance service.

Key Features

  • 50% more torque during calibration
  • Several Feature enhancements

Tech Specs

  • Swap batteries and keep your lens calibration
  • Manually set your lens end points using hand unit or fingerwheel

What's Included

  • Windows and Mac Installers
  • Windows and Mac update files - SOLO version for microRemote Basestation Only