microFilters Set

microFilters Set


SKU: 8-015-0001

Use with most matte boxes to cut light or add effects to your cinematic creation.

Professional Filters

microFilters is a set of three of the most common filters used in light management. microFilters are a perfect complement to the microMatteBox.

Key Features

  • This kit includes the most common ND and polarizing filters for use with matte boxes

Tech Specs

  • Cinema grade optical glass
  • Rugged carrying cases

What's Included

  • 1x 4x5.65"" 0.6 Neutral Density (ND) filter
  • 1x 4x5.65"" 0.6 Neutral Density (ND) graduated filter
  • 1x 4x5.65"" circular polarizing filter
  • Each filter comes with a rugged carrying case