Atlas Direct Control Kit

Atlas Direct Control Kit


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Optimized for solo operators, this kit pairs the Atlas Smart Motor with the Navigator Command Module, putting lens and gimbal control at your fingertip

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Maximum Control for Solo Operators

The Atlas motor attaches to your rig and fits to your geared lens. The Navigator Command Module attaches to your handgrip and enables you to control everything on your rig: lens controls for focus, iris and zoom, camera run/stop, Halo control, Orbit control, and gimbal pan/tilt. The Navigator grip is also perfect on other handheld rigs, and even has built-in support for drones. The Navigator Command Module is equally effective when working with a larger crew, taking on as many or as few tasks as you need.

Key Features

  • Works with virtually all cameras and lenses
  • Seven-in-one Navigator command module including dampened focus control fingerwheel
  • All lenses map to an expansive 270 degrees of rotation
  • Built-in support for Focus, Iris, and Zoom (with additional Atlas motors)
  • Automatic and manual lens calibrations from the hand unit, including store/recall calibration
  • Powerful Atlas Torque motor works with both cinema and still lenses, and is an integrated unit with everything completely contained within the motor housing
  • Precise and repeatable all-digital system

Tech Specs

What's Included

  • 1 Atlas Smart Motor
  • 1 Navigator Command Module and control cable
  • 1 P-Tap power input cable